In the 1950s, during the British colonial rule, Turkish and Greek officials were organized under the single roof of ‘the Association of Community Memurin ‘.However, in the November 14 at 1956 , who come together ,8 Turkish civil servants decide to establish the ‘The Cyprus Turkısh Association of community Memurin . This formation will be the beginning of the process that will transform us into the KTAMS, where all of us are proud of today.

Asım Behcet, Cemal Müfitzade, Cahit Huseyin, Fuat Sami, Hüseyin Veysi, Mehmet Selehatin, Mustafa Şükrü, Rüstem Tatar, who came together at the local the Union of Çetinkaya Turkish Sports (Ç.T.S.B) in November 14, at 1956; ‘The government commences work on the preparation of a ‘The Cypriot Turkısh Association of community Memurin . if necessary, in order to ensure that the civil servants’ income status, the rights and the benefits are protected, their complaints can be presented in a proper manner.

In December 2 at 1956, an invitation was sent to althe Union of Çetinkaya Turkish Sports (Ç.T.S.B) Turkish officers for the meeting in locality in November 20 at 1956. As a result of these studies, 417 Turkish civil servants participate.
At the end of the meeting:
1-The establishment of a ‘The Cypriot Turkısh Association of community Memurin ‘.
2-The initiative delegation, immediately preparing the constitution of the community
3-The notification of establishment by a telegraph. The decisions are taken by most of vote .
The telegraph sent to the Governer is;
‘At a general meeting this morning in Lefkoşa with 417 attendants, it was decided to send you this telegraph and notify the following decisions.

a.The association should be established to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish civil servants,

b. The union and the committee that is chosen today should be authorized to pass the constitution with the

government .when necessary and to allow the Turkish officials to convey their thoughts on the issues affecting the service,

c. It is necessary to transmit the key duties of the Turkish officials in the presence of a ruling party, due to the apparent lack of visibility and the concern about the provisions of the General Rules on the preparation of appointments, customs and special reports.

A committee of seven members was selected to form the Boards of the Union and make adjustments to the registration of the establishment. The selected committee sets up the ‘The Cypriot Turkısh Association of community Memurin ‘. In December 2 at 1956, and the draft constitution is voted in January 20 at 1957. And the first President is Cemal Müftüzade, the secretary is Mehmet Selehattin and the cashier is Asım Behcet. The makes of studies after this General Assembly is not a society according to the law, but it is requested by the person who registers the trade unions because of the participation of the unions in the activity area, and they are asked to be unionized.
With the necessary changes in the constitutional amendment, the union was formed in 1 December at 1957 with the participation of 500 members with the name ‘The Turkish Cypriot Government Officials’.
The opens the branch office in Lefkoşa, Gazimağusa, Limassol, Larnaka, Baf and Lefke .

In January 14 at1973, the work on the topic of Kodro-Barem was assessed and a 24-hour, three-day or indefinite strike began to be spoken.
However, the Secretary of General (Ibrahim Ramadan) has come to the agenda on the warning that a strike will not be possible with this statute, and a decision has been taken to arrange the statute so that a strike can be made.
As a result of the amendment of the charter, In March 11 at 1973 the name of the union was changed to The Union of Turkish Cypriot Public Servants and the strike authority was obtained.

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