Union Regulation

Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union
It’s Turkish and abbreviated name is KTAMS .
The Regulations Of KTAMS


Item 1 – The Union Of Name
The Union of name is ‘Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union‘. It is also referred to in the statute . It’s Turkish and abbreviated name is KTAMS.

Item 2 – The Center Of Union
The center of the union in Lefkoşa . The center of address : The street of Bedreddin Demirel, No : 96- 98 , in Nicosia .
The Board Of Directors of the KTAMS is authorized to change the address within the disctrict boundaries where the center is located and this does not require a change of statute .

Item 3- The Basic Principles Of KTAMS
The Union Of Cyprus Turkısh Public Servants argues that the rapid and genuine development of our country and all laborers ; economic , political , social and cultural liberation and glorification only can be possible on a social level , and it is imperative that our country enter a rapid development path . KTAMS believes that the struggle of the laborers in the direction of economic and democretic rights sould be in harmony with the political struggle . This compatibility is seen as an objective obligation to preserve , for the development and strengthen . The Union Of Cyprus Turkısh Public Servants is accept the basic principles :
The problems of laborers are resolved on a socialist level . This is a planned system of statism in which the first step in the economic fields is directly involved in administration
and control of laborers .
The attainment and consciousness of the working class to a revolutionary quality depends only on the laborers and the scientific way of assessing the events of the country and the world . Science is the most important war tool of laborers .
It is not possible get all their rights only for occupational and ecenomic warfare that laborers . Also it is necessary to make political war by using and developing the democratic rights in the constitution . This struggle has a purpose opposite to the principle that human beings exploit by fully realizing the existence of the laborer classes .

Item 4 –The Unıon Of Purpose And Tasks :
The aim of the union in the direction of the determined basic principle is :
a. To protect and improve the rights and benefits of employees and pensions in the social struggle , to ensure unity , solidarity and assistance between members and to work towards attaining class consciousness.
b. To pass the principles of the constitution , which are in the social and economic rights section , with a dynamic essence .
To establish relations with Turkey and within world and to develop solidarity with laboring organizations .
ç. To make efforts to ensure that all employees and pensions have economic , democratic each the rights ; the religion , the language ,the race , the political thought ,the ethnicity , the sect , the sexual orientation , the gender identity and the philosophical thought among members in the direction of the war for the revolutionary transformation of political , the social and social life .
d. To strive for enactment of social laws in the line with the interests of society , the employees and the pensions , to have the views of the employer or government representatives and the public on the issues related to the interests of employees and the pensions .
e . To improve the skills , the qualifications and working conditions of the members .
f. It provides the necessary solidarity and cooperation between the trade unions for the implementation, development and successful implementation of the collective bargaining and striking order in the way it takes place in the Constitution.
g. The laws regulating working life and social security strive to change the provisions which are not in the interests of union members together with all laborers and to improve them with new laws.
h. It includes the courses, the seminars, the conferences, the exhibitions, the entertainments,the concerts, the visits, the arrangements and all kinds of the educational activities that will enhance the professional knowledge of the members and improve their general culture; social facilities, printing houses and similar educational and cultural facilities, makes all kinds of publications and utilizes broadcasting organs, and provides opportunities for the members to evaluate their leisure time.
ı. To establish all kinds of cooperatives for members, to establish social housing or vacation places, to assist such entrepreneurs and to make and operate all kinds of property to fulfill their duties.
i. To register members, to protect the interests of members, to develop business disputes to improve living conditions, to make collective bargaining agreements and general contracts, to make KTAMS the most powerful and effective mass organization in the country.
j. To negotiate with the government or employer, the employer of representatives and other persons and the organizations to represent members, to sign agreements, to sign contracts, to file lawsuits within the courts, to issue a clause, and to give up the case.
k. The strike is decides , the strike is controlles.
l. It establishes mutual funds for the marriage, the birth, the sickness, the disability, the old age, the death, the unemployment, the strike, the education and for social and cultural expenses.

Item 5 – All employees who works in Cypriot civilian public services or at the border of the country, and those who are retired from this service, may become members of the union.

Item 6 – The Qualifications Sought for Members and Recording For Member :
Those who are within the scope of item 5 and who are not younger than the age stated in the case of the Union shall be entitled to be registered with the application form for the Executive Board.
A person who has applied to become a member can not be entitled to membership unless he / she pays the membership fee.
If a person who has applied for membership has resigned or has withdrawn from membership previously, he may re-register with the decision of the Executive Board upon payment of the membership dues up to 31 December of the year in which he resigns.
Each member must sign , the certificate of approval document to be prepared by the Executive Board to ensure that the subsidy is cut by the employer and deposited into the union.
Due to temporary the unemployment, the illness, the separation of retirement or the union of work, the membership of those who are imprisoned or continues imprisoned .

Item 7 – The Seperation From Membership
Every member can leave the union at any time . However, it has to full fill he conditions stipulated in these statues .
The member must leave the union only person and in writing .
The stacks are sent to the Executive of Board . Notification of resignation to the employer and the member is made by the Executive Board.
The resigning member must confirm that the signature his/herself application belongs .
The resignation of the member resigning in accordance with the procedure shall be effective from the date on which the signature of the member is approved by the Executive Board or by the member of the Executive Board authorized by the Executive Board.
The resignation does not clear the member from his debts against the union.

Item 8 – The Protrusion From Membership
The union of members are referred to the Honorary Board upon the decision of the Trade Union Executive Board. The removal is linked to the decision by the Union Honor Committee. The member loses his / her membership right from the date of the decision, provided that he / she is notified in writing to the decision of withdrawal from membership given by the Union Honorary Board. The against this decision and other decisions of the Board of Honorary, the member may appeal in writing to the General Assembly of Trade Union. . The decision of this meeting is exact. The application petition of the member who objected to the General Assembly shall not be taken the agenda of the General Assembly unless it is supported by the majority of the General Assembly.
a.Those who act against the union statute , the union internal legislation ,the desicions of the competent board and the union policy , or those who refrain from their implementation ,
b. Notwith standing the written warning of the Financial Secretary , those who do not pay the membership fee for three months ,
c.The Union of inside and outside ,those who act union and unity of the union ,and tthe decleration and publications against the union and those who act negatively against the interests or property of the union ,
d. They lose one of the membership qualifications stated in this charter ,

Item 9 – The Rights And Responsibilities of Members
Each member is obliged to pay his / her dues, comply with the statutes of the union, comply with the decisions of the General Assembly and other competent ofbodies, and work for the development and strengthening of the union.

Item 10 – The Interests
The Union provides the members with the following benefits under this act and the provisions of the Trade union .
The Interests of Protection: To provide financial and moral support within the framework of the opportunities and decisions of the family in case of death of members or members in case of illness, the accident, the old age and the unemployment.The Interests Of Professional : To provide legal advice or assistance on business conditions , to realize their functioning , to inform the members about the legal and legal rights of the members, to provide legal counsel and resolve disputes with members of the government and the employer during the disputes , to make the necessary financial aid , member of the order of the salary and the wage discreponcies and diffrences between his work and give batte to be corrected and to defend the rights of members , the state representatives and employers to ensure that any member of the defense in court proceedings with a lawyer to be determined by the Union of Members on written application .

Item 11- A) The desicion making bodies of the The Union Of Cyprus Public Civil Servants are:
The General Assembly
The Board Of Directors
The Board Of Executive
The Board Of Honorary
B)The desicion making bodies of the Unions are :
a. The Workplace Delegate’s Board
b. The Areal Delegate’s Board

Item 12 – The Meeting Of The General Assembly
The General Assembly , is the highest body of the Union of Cyprus Public Civil Servants . The General Assembly is made up of delegates.
The Choice of Delegates:
A delegate selected for each of the five trade union members and the faction for service units in various locations settlements .
The workplaces in the city centers with less than five members ; they may delegate , seperate delegations in terms of distance and relation to the places of importance ,the institutions they are affiliated with and the places with less than five members , or they may be required to join delegates .
The workplaces with less than five members in villages are delegated jointly to workplaces eith less than five members from the same province .The workplaces with insufficient number of members will be delegated jointly with the workplace in the another settlement if there are no other workplaces to be merged in the same settlement .
3.The delegates have a task of time a three year . The selection of the delegate shall be held at the Ordinary General Assembly no later than three months and the selection shall be completed within two months . The delegates remain in Office , until the selection of a new delegate .
4.The delegation except time of expires: The resignation , The death , The resignation from her/his current job , and termination at the time of absence for at least one year during the term of the delegation . Seperately ; it is possible to terminate the referral with the desicion of the Honorary Board .In the case of retirement and transport of the delegates , continues the delegation. If due to the reasons stated above , a third of the number of delegates at a workplace is vacated , this emptiness is fulled .However , the vacancies con not be filled in three months after the usual delegate selection time . If a member of a workplace requests one or three written requests , the chocice of any delegate at that workplace shall be renewed within one month at the latest . Fort he selection of delegates belong to all workplaces of the trade union , one or five written requests from union members are required . If such a request is made , the selection will be renewed within two months at the latest .
5. The number of delegates from which workplace is selected will be determined by the result of calculation and announced to all members of the workplace . In this announcement , those who wish to become candidates fort he delegation are required to file a written application within 15 days .
6.If the candidates for a workplace are equal to the number of delegates , the delegation of the candidates becomes final without any selection.
If the number of candidates is more than the required number of delegates, selection is made by notifying members at least ten days in advance. Those who receive the most votes are selected delegates. The choice and secret ballot are made by open selection. The meeting, the place and the time for the selection is determined by the Executive Committee for each workplace. When there are not enough members in the meeting, half an hour is waited and the meeting opens . If the number of candidates is less than the number of delegates sought, the candidates’ delegates become final and the Executive committee for the missing delegations shall serve from that office. If the assigned person does not accept the task, the place is left empty. The Members of the Board of Directors and Honorary Committees are considered natural delegates. The General Assembly of the union shall be convened in two forms, not Ordinary or Extraordinary.
1. The Ordinary General Assembly :
The Ordinary General Assembly meeting is convened every three years by the invitation of the union Executive Board and from May to June. The meeting ;the place, the day,the time and agenda are made by the union’s Board of Directors.
The agenda of the union’s Ordinary General Assembly meeting; the place,the date, the time, and notice to be posted on the notice board of the union at least eight days in advance by the Executive Board. In addition, a notice of the meeting is made in one of the daily newspapers.
In the General Assembly, the Executive Board presents a report on its own work, an annual report on the general situation of the union, and the accounts that have been checked.
2. The Search General Assembly:
The General Assembly call may be made in order to constantly maintain the relations between the union’s Board of Directors and members and delegates, to investigate the annual developments and general situation, and upon request of the Executive Board. In the General Assembly, no choice can be made for trade union organs. The Chairman of the Council made by the Chairman of the Executive Board.
3. The Extraordinary General Assembly:
a. With the majority decision of 2/3, which the Executive Board and the Board of Directors will take in due time,
b. The union shall be convened upon the written request of 1/5 of the delegate or its members and upon the invitation of the Executive Board. However, the petitioners must be able to close their financial debts to the union until the union members requesting the General Assembly meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly should clearly state the matters to be discussed together with their reasons and that the petition is signed.
c. The Extraordinary General Assembly meetings are held within one month at the latest from the decision date.
d. The Extraordinary General Assembly convenes with the conditions of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting.
e. In the Extraordinary General Assembly, the agenda is determined only by those who call extraordinary meetings. The agenda can not be changed.
f. The Extraordinary General Assembly meetings are chaired by the Chairman of the Executive Board.

Item 13 – The Working Method Of The General Assembly
The General Assembly is opened by the Chairman of The Executive Board . If there is no President , the opening will be the secretary general. After this , The General Assembly selects a chairman and two rapporteurs from the present delegates and the General Assembly Council is formed .
The number of qualifications of The General Assembly is formed when more than half of the union delegates are present at the General Assembly . No decision can be taken at the General Assembly meeting unless a sufficient number is provided.
If a sufficient number is not provided for half an hour after the time being set , the General Assembly meeting is postponed for one week after the same day , at the same time and the same place . The number of delegates present at the second meeting will be sufficient , no matter how many , and The General Assembly commences their work .
The delegates who are present at the General Assembly meeting and those who are required to make a sufficient number of votes are made from the delegation ID card or delegate of boks that the delegates will present when entering the meeting hall.
The delegate who has not closed his debts to the trade union two days before the date of the General Assembly meeting , except those exempted from payin union dues for unemployment reasons , has no right to vote and select and be selected .
The General Assembly will discuss the agenda items.It gives decide . At least 1/10 of the delegates with amendments on the agenda shall be made by written proposal and majority approval.
A member of a trade union who wants to speak at the General Assembly and who is not a delegate may apply to the chairman of the General Assembly by reason of the matter he wants to speak and speak after the approval of the General Assembly .
The Summaries of The General Assembly meetings and in particular desicions shall be passed to the minutes of the General Assembly by the rapporteurs with a summary of the important issues as they are summarized under the supervision of the Chairman Of The Court and the rapporteurs.
The General Assembly may select special commissions from among the delegates by open vote if it so desires to reach a decision on the affairs of the agenda.The commision works by selecting a president and rapporteur amongs itself . The results of the commisions are reported to the presidency of the General Assembly .
The desicions of the General Assembly shall be made in the majority of the cases where there are not provisions. The voting can be done openly or secretly according to the desicion of The General meeting in cases where there is no provision .
The selection to be held in the General Assembly and take desicions to be taken shall be written in the General Assembly Meeting and signed together by the Chairman of the General Assembly and the rapporteurs . These documents are appropriately filed and given to the competent authorities .

Item 14 –The Authorities and Duties of the General Assembly
The ament the statute or to accept a new statute with a vote of at least half of the delegates who attend the General Assembly on condition that it is not lower than ¼ of the number of registered delegates,
To decide to establish a higher organization (Federation or Confederation) at home or abroad, to join or leave higher organizations, by the vote of the absolute majority of those attending the General Assembly,

To challenge the objections to the desicions of the Union Honorary Board and the applicants,
To discuss the reports that the union organs will present , to make a desicion, to maket he directors mandatory , or to decide to file a lawsuit,
To give directives or duties to managers and the union organs based on statutes, directives and legislation on the basis of the purposes and principles set out in this Statute,
To select the members of the Union Board of Directors and the Honorary Board with secret ballot,
The union of membership fees and other financial payments required by the membership,
To taking the necessary decisions in other matters.

Item 15 – The Nomination And Selection For The Board Of Directors
The members of the trade union who wish to be nominated for the Board Of Directors must apply for a general secretary no later than 17:00 before two days the date of the General Assembly Meeting.After this process, a postponement at the date of the General Assembly can not be nominated .
The Board Of Directors ,is selected by the delegates by secret ballot at the General Assembly . The names of all candidates are shown on a single list and the delegates can vote for at least 16 , at most 30 people. The voting is done by placing an (x) before the names.
With the signatures of the Chairman of the General Assembly , the ballot papers that do not seal the trade union and ballot papers that are marked by less than 16 or more than 30 people are considered invalid.
In case of equality of votes in the selection of the Board of Directors , the method of draw shall be applied.

Item 16- The Union Governance of Assembly :
The İnstitution Of Union :
The Board Of Directors consists of 30 members are selected by secret ballot in the General Assembly pursuant to ıtems of 15.
In order for a union member to be a candidate for the Board of Directors, he/she must not currently be on the Management and/or Executive Board of another union, must be over 21 years of age, and must have been a continuous member for at least 1 year. A member elected to the Board of Directors cannot serve on the Management and/or Executive Board of another union while he is in office.
The Authority and Assignments:
The Board Of Directors cenvenes within one week at the latest after the General Assembly meeting and selects the chairman and members of the Executive Commitee.
It directs the union policy, audits the work done , makes new desicions within the frame of regulations and the General Assembly resolutions, and makes proposals for the Executive Board.
To discuss and approve the study report prepared by the Executive of Board.
It decides on the acceptence and signing of the collective agreement , the initation and abolition of the strike and the termination of the collective agreement.
In cases where the General Assembly can not convene , due to difficult circumstances or where there is a disadvantage in it is collection , it decisdes to postpones the General Meeting . However , this postponement decision is taken with a majority of 2/3 and the postponement period can not exceed six months .
The approves the budget , every four months , The Executive Board will prepare the income- expense accounts and negotiate.
The purpose of developing union awareness in our country is to plan , all kinds of educational activities and contacts with other organizations and associations together with the Executive Board.
The issues related to the employment and staffing of union employees are discussed and taken into consideration by taking into account the recommendations of the Executive Board.
The Collecting and Method of Working:
The Board of Directors meets once a week.
The Board of Directors convenes at the request of the chairman or upon the decision of the Executive Board and at least 1/5 of the members of the Board of Directors.
The chairman or secretary general presides over the meetings of the Board of Directors. If there is no president and general secretary , the chairman of the meeting shall be one of the members of the Board of Directors.
The meetings of the Board of Directors are held by a simple majority and a desicion is made by majority of 3/5 of the participants .
The position of any member of the Board of Directors who resigns or is absent from three consecutive meetings, one of which must be an ordinary meeting, without obtaining permission or giving a reasonable reason, will be vacant and filled by appointment by the Board of Directors. However, no more than six members of the Board of Directors can be replaced by appointment by the Board of Directors. In filling the vacant positions by appointment, the method used in the election of the members of the Executive Board is applied.
If 16 or members of the Board of Directors selected to resign , resign or for any reason , at the same time , if the seperate premises are vacated seperately , the Board of Directors resigns wholly and goes to the General Assembly within three months.

Item 17-The Executive Board Of Union
1-The İnstitution of Unions :
a.The Executive Board of Union ; The President , The Secretary General , The Secretary Financial , The Secretary of Organization,The Secretary of Education and social affairs , The Secretary of External Relations , the Secretary of Press and Publication ,The Secretary of the Collective Agreements and the Secretary of Gender Equality .
b. The Chairman shall be selected from among the members of the Board of Directors by secret ballot by a 2/3 majority. If a 2/3 majority is not available in the first two rounds , the two candidates with the most votes in the second round will remain in the third round with the most votes will be selected.
c. The other members of the Executive Board shall be selected from among the members of the Board of Directors in accordance with the method applied for selecting the president . However , the number of the majority required in the first two rounds fort he selection of members of this Executive Board is 3/5.
2- The Union of Authority and Assignments:
It supervises and conducts of Trade Union affairs and work by acting on behalf of and of the union . It fights to realize the aims and principles of the Trade Union and is involved in all necessary initiatives. It follows all sorts of things that concern the working life . It decides and publishes the report , declerations and similar publications on behalf of KTAMS . According to the main regulations , the regulations are prepared and submitted to the approval of the Board of Directors.
The Executive Board of Union , to union policies prosecuets conduct appropriate works .
When the necessary, it decides to convene the relevant boards according to the provisions of the bylaws.
The laws, statutes and the Board of Directors and all powers granted by the General Assembly shall be exercised.
The Union’s education and organization plans , the collective bargaining , the strike and the publishin work , the public announcement of trade union activities, yhe union publications , content and form in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors.
It manages , directs and controls the work of the specialized departments and offices establihed so that the union fuction can be executed as required .
It controls the entry and exit of the members , prepares collective agreement drafts , decides to issue disputes.
Usually , it looks at the union administration , keeps it accounts and at times controls the money held by the Secretary of Financial and other union officials.
The union organizes , the entertainment , the camping , the representation visits , conferences , the seminars , the courses , the exhibitions and the excursions . The cooperatives decides on solidarity among members, the training cultural and institutions,support for sportive , the touristic movements and the other activities.It takes measures to icrease income , the union makes the best use of money and property , decides on the purchase and sale of fixtures , the research , and istatistics on behalf of the union .
The union manages it is money and property in accordance with these statutes and the law on Trade Unions and makes necessary expenditures to meet the needs an objectives of the union. However , they can not borrow more than ten times their annual income without obtaining the authority of the General Assembly.
It makes the other tasks specified in this statute .
3- The Method Of Collecting and Working:
The Executive Board meets at least once a week. In important matters , The Extraordinary Commitee convenes upon the invitation of the President or the Secretary Of General or at the request of at least two members .
In the absence of a chairperson of the Executive Commitee meetings, The Secretary General is chaired and the meeting is held by absolute majority.
The decisions of the Executive Board are passed to the decision book by the Secretary General and signed by aii members present at the meeting. The names of the opposite members and the reasons for their opposition are also passed to this book .
The decisions are made by majority method and by sufficient number of methods. At least five members must be present for a sufficient number . In case of equality of votes , the decision of the chairman of the meeting shall be valid .
Any member who resigns or dissaproves , or who has not shown any reason ,becomes member of any The Executive Board of member who is not present at the top three meetings, including the Ordinary Meeting , and is filled in by the Board of Directors.
If they resign , five or more selected of the Executive Board, The Executive Board is deemed to have resigned wholesale.
The depending on the other provisions of this charter , The Union , The President and The Secretary of General and Financial wiil be represented and signed together by their signatures; in matters related to dues , only the signature of the Secretary of Financial shall be represented and connected.
The correspondence , the notices , the statements and the like may be signed by the President or by the Secretary of General on behalf of the union and The Executive Board.

Item 18 – The Duties and Authorities of the Chairman of the Trade Union:
The President shall represent the trade union in the absence not find of any other privision in the main statute . At the time when the President is absent from duty with the temporary ones, the duties and the authorities shall be exercised by the Secreteray General .
The chairman represents the union at domestic or abroad with the private and legal people , official authorities and the other organizations.
The press conferences gives layouts , written and verbal explanations so as not to be contrary to the general policy of the union.
It publishes explanations to announce to all members at the required times about the work to be done .
The union is the owner of the organs to be released and allows them to be removed.
It controls expenditures.
The Union management and The Executive Committeeand all kinds of The Advisory Boards ,Committees etc. Participated in the meeting , the president of the councils and opens there meetings. If he so wishes , he may transfer his or her authority to one of the members of the Trade Union of The Executive Board .
It controls organization activities , the coordination ; they provides regulation within the unions , ıt protects the rights of Trade Union Members and does not allow the Union’s spiritual person to be harmed.
The Union shall give the directors the necessary directives and shall sign the Trade Union correspondance with Secretary General .
It is obliged to take every precuation regarding the achievements of the union and it is work.The Union ensure that execution of the Board of Directors and The Executive Board.

Item 19- The Duties and Authorities of the Secretary General:
It conducts business related to the Secretary Of the Trade Union and ensures that all kinds of correspondence regulate books and files. It maintains all other documents of the Union with it is member register .
The decisions taken at the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board are signed with the chairman . It executes the The Executive Board directives.
He or she in consultation with the President , and all the meetings are organized , the agenda is diverted and called.
The meeting of written minutes of the General Assembly ,the Board of Directors and the Executive Board .
In the case of the President ‘s authorization , he makes explanations on behalf of the union.
They supervise the preparation of regulations and instructions and ensure their implementation.
It prepares the reports to be submitted to the General Assembly of the Union , The Board of Directors and the Executive Board.
According to the Trade Unions Act , the notification of any information that should be communicated to the Ministry of Labor , The Trade Union Register and the other competent authorities shall ensure that the necessary notice is given to the union bodies.
Those who do the registiration work of the union indicatethe following :
Within 14 days ;
i.Acopy of every change made in each new statute
ii.The notification of the address of the Trade Union center or the amendment to be made in this address.
iii.The sends all changes to be made to the Executive Board.
b.The February of each year before the 15th , The Trade Union sends a report of The General Assembly , which shows the income , the funds , the assests and the expenses of the union , making the registiration process and appropriately inspected.This report , shows that the most recent the December 31 within the previous year when the report was prepared the income and the expenditure and for various purposes of the will show the individual expenditures that they have made and will be prepared in such a way that the recording person will occasionally detect it.

Item 20 – The Duties and Authorities of Financial Secretary :
The Financial Secretary shall be responsible fort he Trade Union’s money in it is profession or control ,in keeping with the book of accounts as specified and defined by the Law on Trade Unions and the regulations based on this law. It makes all the payments approved by The Union General Assembly or the Executive Board. It gives a financial statement when requested by the person who registers teh Trade Unions. The upon resignation, or at the request of the Executive Board, the Board of Directors or the General Assembly, a financial statement is issued.All payments and revenues made by the Executive Board shall be fully and correctly accounted for the amount of money held and any other item of the union , and shall be deposited in a bank of the ExecutiveBoard for any amount exceeding of more than ½ effective .The withdrawal shall only be made The President of The Union or the Secretary of General and the Secretary of Financial.If requested , it shall submit to the Executive Board all the securities , the books, the documents and the other meterials belonging to the union that are in the possession or control of the union after the inspection of the accounts.It takes all the money to be given to the Trade Union or collected in the trade union account and gives it a receipt as follows :

Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union
Mr/Mrs …………………………….from
…………….as been as ……………TL
……………………………..was taken .

The date :………………………………….. The Financial Secretary

Item 21- The Organization Secretary:
It will make efforts to expand the working area of the union , to develop relations with higher organizations and the other organizations , to plan the joint , actions to be carried out with these organizations , and to make proposals for The Board of Executive.

Item 22- The Secretary of Education and Social Affairs:
It prepares the necessary programs fort he purpose of ensuring the unity and solidarity of the members, improving the level of consciousness and evaluating their leisure time and for carrying out various social studies that the Board of Executive will consider appropriate.

Item 23- The Secretary Of Gender Equality:
It makes studies on the provision of gender equality.It cooperates with the other non-govermental organizations advocating gender equality.It conducts various seminars, the meetings, and the training sessions that the Executive Board will consider appropriate to inform it is members about the women rights and gender equality.

Item 24-The Secretary Of External Relations:
It will make necessary arrangements that the Executive Board will consider appropriate to enhance cooperation and the solidarity with domestic and the foreign organizations in order to improve the external relations of our trade union.

Item 25 – The Secretary of Press of Publication:
Our syndicate organizes the publication organs of the ‘ÇAĞRI’ and the publication of the Union Of Cyprus Turkısh Public Servants, and the study off all kinds of printing. The President and the Secretary General asist in the issues of report and publication by watching the Press and Publication Organs.

Item 26 – The Secretary of Collective Agreements:
To make studies about collective contracts that our union is a party , to make necessary preparations to be able to g oto collective bargaining working life by changing the fiscal protocols made every year , to inform the members and the employees about collective contract unionism and to create pressure.

Item 27 – The discricts for Lefkoşa , Girne, Güzelyurt and Gazimağusa, Lefke and İskele selected the 6 secretaries from the Board of Directors. The Secretaries of Regional , attend the Executive Commitee meetings, at least once a month at the request of the Executive Board.The Secretaries of Regional fullfill the role of bridge between the Executive Board and the Boards of Directors.It provides the communication and the nogitiation with the members in the regions. It organizes educational and the social activities in cooperation with the Executive Board in the regions.

Item 28- The Apartments of Specialized :
The Union of Cyprus Turkish Public Servants , establishes specialized departments and offices in order to carry out their jobs properly , regularly , and usefully in accordance with the business division system and the scientific method.

Item 29 – The end of the Membership the Board of Directors and Executive Board and to be taken the Tasks :
Them Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Commiteeare deemed to have started relative to the time they have been selected.
The Board of Directors and the Executive Board ;
To be deprived of civil rights .
The during the mission because of a crime , if you are convicted , they memberships will cease to exist.
a. The members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board , violating the unions main charter and labor legisation , abusing the duty , showing inferrence towards the relative , they are punished and taken away from the Office if thye act against the decisions of the General Assembly , the Executive Board and the Executive Commitee, against the principles of the union , against the interests of the union .
b.The remaining members of the Board of Directors must take a decision by a three quarters majority and a secret ballot in order for any member of the Executive Board to be sent to the Board of Honorary for the purposes of punishment and dismissal and to be investigated.
c.The Board of Honorary , must make a decision on the outcome within one month at the latest from the date on which a decision in this direction is communicated to him in writing by the Excutive Board. The decision is taken by a majority vote.
d.In order to be able to make a decision about the person concerned ,it is compulsory to take written defense of the person concerned and to give the defens in front of The Board of Honorary .
e.The decision , including the reasons for the offense , shall be communicated in writing to the person concerned and a one copy shall be posted on yhe notice Board of the union . The relevant member reserves the right to appeal to General Assembly . The decision of the General Assembly is exact .
f.It is the authority of the Board of Directors that the member who has been investigated is taken within the time limit until the decision of the Board of Honorary is taken .
The Executive Board , which has to authority to appoint The Board of Directors , may at any time take ona member of the Executive Board from the Office as well as the entire the Board of Executive from the task. If such a decision is made for the President, a majority of 2/3 of the Executive Board is required.

Item 30- The Board of Honorary :
1.The Institution of Honorary Board :
The Union of Honorary Board , consists of three noble members selected from among the delgates by the Trade Union General Assembly . Also , the two alternate members are also selected.The noble members select a one president an done rapporteur among themselves. The vacancies in the noble members shall be invited according to the votes of the substitute memebers by the Board of the Union.
2.The Method of collecting and Working :
a.The Honorary Commitee of the union cenvenes to discuss the matters passed on to it by the Union of The Executive Board and to make decisions.
b.If members ready ,The Board are convenes with at least two members. When the President is absent , the session is chaired by the rapporteur .
c.Every member , including the president , has one vote . He gives hic verdicts with a majority vote .
d.The person referred to him by the competent board on topics , we can did the review . But this time can never exceed a one month .
e.The union will be convened firstly for the decisions of the Board of the Honorary and the opposing party has the right to appeal in the General Assembly of the Union. The penalty of continual expulsion can not exceed a one year.
f.Amember who is permanently removed from the union can not benefit from the rights provided . He can not serve in union organs.But , if he has the task , the title falls. However , the penalized member shall not be exempted from his responsibilities towards the union.
g. The decisions of the Trade Union of Honorary Board are implemented by The Executive Board.
3-The Authority and Duties :
a.If there is a The Board of Honorary Council , it is the most authoritative judical body of the union, except for the statutory exceptions.
b.The penalties for the union of Honorary Board against suicides are:
i.The warning
ii.The remove of the task
iii. The time of extraction
iv. There is a fine of up to six months membership fee.
v. The exact extraction

Item 31 – The Organs Of the Union and the Consultation:
The Board Of Workplace Representative’s:
1.The Institution of Board , The Method of Collecting and Working:
a.The Board of Workplace Representatives consist of selected by the delegates of that workplace , by the number determined for each wokplace by the Executive Board of the trade union .
b.The Board Of Workplace Representatives convenes every three months in the Ordinary , and in the case of the Board of the Directors and The Executive Board calls extraordinary meetings.
2.The Duties :
a.To asist and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Executive Board in the direction of trade union principles and objectives , with the direction of trade union works and policy.
b.To give opinions warnings and the suggestions about the prosals prepared by the Board of Directors and The Board of Executive and the decisions made and help them .
c. To the strengthen unity and the solidarity among union members , to work for coordination and increase communication.
d.To the communicate the member’s problems to the Executive Board on time , to maket he decisions of the Board of Directors and Executive Board , measures and studies to the members.
e.To provide the reccommendations, the measures and working examples for the Directors of Board and Executive Board to improve working conditions, to the improve the educational sitution , and so on .
B-The Board Of Regional Representative :
1.The Institution Of Board ,The Method of Collecting and working :
a.The Regional of Representatives Board consist of the representatives selected by the delegates of the workplace from the workplace in Lefkoşa , Gazimağusa, Girne, Güzelyurt , İskele and Lefke by the union of the Executive Board on the number determined for each workplace.
b.The Board of Regional Representatives convened at any time , upun the invitation of the Executive Board or at the request of the members.
2.The Duties and The Authorities :
The Union of Regional Representative is a consultative body, providing communication and coordination among the members of the Trade Union Executive Board and its members, and communicating the issues and decisions mutually.

Item 32 :The Incomes of Trade Union:
There is income from union membership dues.The membership subscription is 0.8 percent of gross salary a monthly .
The collective contracts are part of the salary , the cost of living , and so on of the increases that hit it.This can only be taken once in each subsequent increase after each collective agrement.
The Other Incomes:
a.There are income from the education, the entertainment , the concerts and the similar cultural and the social intiatives.
b.There are incomes derived from the employment of trade union local and the similar labor .
c.There are legal donations and helps.
d.There are income from the publications of the union.
e.There are real estate and the partnership revenues.
f.The other incomes.

Item 33- The Collection and the Protection of Revenues:
1.All property and property of the union is under the management and control of the union and the Executive Board to be used to protect and the develop the interests of the members and the union.
2.Any money that is more than the current need of the union can be deposited in any bank or any registered cooperative organization , or by the consent of the person making the record of the trade unions, or by the Board of the Executive . It is forbidden to move the money of the union above , except the required advance amount .
3.The suject to the provisions of this Regulation , the President or the General Secretary and the Financial Secretary shall be authorized to receive money from aiil bank accounts of the union and to the establish a financial transaction on behalf of the Union, and at least two of them shall be jointly signes with the union.
4.The Money of the union can be used for all legitimate purposes authorized by this statute. But , the unless a political fund regulations is ratified and enforced by the record holder of the Trade Union , the Money of the union can not be used for any indirect or direct political purpose.
5.The collector receipts are dublicated and chained.The receipt serial numbers are determined by decision of the Board of Executive .

Item 34- The Union Accounts and Notebooks of Inspection:
Each year , The Board of Executive before the 15th of February ,appoints an inspector who is approved by the recorder of the senders and who is not a member of the union and who has the required qualifications to inspect the accounts and boks of the union.The inspector has inspected accounts and report ;
a.On 30 January , fort he year ended in December of 31,
b.If the financial secretary responsible for the accounts of the union is to resign or to quit his job ,
c.At any other time The Board of Directors will make the necessary observations avaliable to the Executive Board.
2. The checked accounts and inspector’s report are posted on the notice board of the union and presented to the annual General Assembly meetings.
3.The all boks and records of the union shall be open to the inspector and inspected , according to these statutes and the Acts of Unions.

Item 35 – The Funds of the Union:
a.The Strike Fund : The strike fund is created with percent of 15 the union dues income . The amount of the accumulation in the strike fund is exercised by The General Assembly except for strike purposes.
b. The Solidarity Fund: In order to control the danger as an organization and its members and to reduce the burden, in order to carry out union principles, to get out of business, to help members, and to take part in the war against the union, a solidarity fund that contributes to the purpose of sharing economic pressure by contributing to the formation of a solidarity fund.
c. The Political Fund: In line with the interests of employees, the Board of Directors can form a political fund according to the political fund regulation to be regulated based on the union law.
d. The Health and The Settlement Fund: The Health and The Settlement Fund is established with 10 percent of union income. The Health Directive, which will be prepared by the union management board, will be prepared for borrowing or giving donations to this fund considering the current balance in terms of health purposes and the beneficiary will be given or lent only for the purposes of health for the members in this Regulation. For the purpose of establishment, the fund is used only for the purpose of maintaining, repairing, or constructing the facilities of the union. The use of the money, which accumulates in the The Health and The Settlement Fund, except for the purposes of health or installation, is the authority of the General Assembly.

The Various Privisions
Item 36 – The Voting, The Contingency and Interpretation of the Regulations:
The choice of a federation or a confederation, the selection of a federation or a confederation, the introduction of compulsory financial obligations, the decision to strike, and the decision of the union to change the name of the union, the union’s association with the another union, the participation of the union in the federation or confederation or the establishment of a federation or confederation, the decisions on dissolution and the personal issues brought to the General Assembly, decisions on trust matters are taken by secret ballot for the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. All other matters shall be subject to open voting, provided that the members are present at the meeting, provided that no third party requests secret ballot.
Unless the members present have not the decisions taken for open voting, the union’s statute is made by secret ballot.
The interpretation of the bylaws shall be made by the Board of Directors. An objection to this interpretation can be made at the General Assembly.

Item 37 – Delivery of Trade Union Goods:
Any member to whom the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are entrusted to or removed from office shall be entrusted to him; Send all the money, books, documents, receipts, letters and other belongings belonging to the trade union to the substitute person and get the receipt.

Item 38 – The Searching for Books and Records:
The Secretary of General , with the application, can be examined by any member. The register, the account and the other records of the union may be examined by any member who is interested in the money of the union, subject to the request of the Secretary of General.

Item 39 – The Selection of Multiple Missions:
Thoses elected to the Bord of the Directors and the Board of Executive can not be selected to the Board of Honorary. If they are selected, they have to choose one and resign from the others.

Item 40 – The Union of Personnel:
In order for union affairs to be carried out efficiently and efficiently, salaried personnel are appointed by the Board of Directors at various levels of the union. The fee to be paid to these personnel shall be determined and implemented by the Board of Directors. The Executive Board appoints and supervises the duties of the union personnel.

Item 41 – The Termination and The Dissolution:
1- The General Assembly of the union may decide on the termination of the union every time. However, the members who are entitled to vote for the termination of the union must be decided by a majority of ninety percent and by secret ballot.
2-If the number of members falls below 20, the trade union breaks down. In the event of disintegration and concealment, the money obtained at the time of the trade union is awarded to the Cooperatives Ltd. after the union’s debts have been paid. So that when a new union is established in two months, at least two-thirds of the members will be members, these goods and money are transferred to the new union.

Item 42 – In order to resolve disagreements and conflicts between the members and the employer, the Executive Committee shall take all necessary peaceful measures. If an agreement can not be reached, the Executive Committee presents the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held by the victims of the dispute. The based on the decision that the two-thirds majority of the members who are victims at the general meeting may vote by secret ballot, they may declare the gren. The strike decision is presented to the approval and evaluation of the union management board. The union executive board exercises any kind of strike, strategy; all trade union members must comply with this strategy and the measures taken.

Item 43 – If the Board considers it necessary separately from the 42nd item, it may take two hours of sympathy and a warning strike decision not to exceed twenty-four hours.

Item 44- The union member can make contracts with anyone on the condition that he gives a commission or a percentage of salary and wage to anyone in finding a job for him and he can not get commission or percentage from anybody, whether it is a trade union member .

Item 45- The union has a seal carrying the name. It could be your own amblem.

Item 46 – When acting contrary to the rules, not knowing the rules can not be accepted as an excuse.

Item 47- With the circumstance not contrary to the text of the statute, used singularly in the statute can be used plurality.

Item 48 – The important decisions taken by the union General Assembly and other competent bodies will be announced at the place where everyone can see it and will be announced to the members with the first number of the union publication organs.

Item 49 – The Operation :
This regulation was adopted by the Ordinary General Assembly on 17/05/2024.
The statute in force before it has been abolished, together with all its provisions.
1.The President
2-The Secretary General
3-The Financial Secretary
4-The Secretary of Organization
5-The Secretary of Education and Social Affairs
6-The Secretary of External Relations
7-The Secretary of Press and Publication
8-The Secretary of Collective Agreements
9-The Secretary of Gender Equality

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